Herndon Camp Grove History Timeline


Herndon Campmeeting Association was founded in 1901


The Reading Railroad used to run special passenger trains into the town of Herndon to bring guest to the Grove for Campmeeting. A special horse and wagon hauled the folks up from the train station in Herndon to the Grove.


Just to the south of the main gate is a slab where the old ice house used to stand. Ice was harvested from the river in the winter and packed in sawdust in the ice house for use during camp meeting in July.


The camp grove at one time had it's own power station and generated it's own electricity.  


Many of the cottages started as 12'x12' platforms that tents were set up on. These platforms were turned into cottages in the 1920's.


At one time, barrels of pink, yellow, green and light blue paint were donated to the Grove. Each cottage owner was given one of these colors to paint their cottage. The Grove was a much more colorful place back then!


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